Working Dogs

Whether you are a complete beginner wanting instruction or a seasoned pro looking for facilities and people to train with, everyone is welcome here. The aim is to improve ourselves and our dogs, we are not political or elitist!

The place to begin. An assessment of dog and handler leading to a training plan and goal setting. Intensive sessions teaching new techniques, developing training and correcting bad habits and unwanted behaviour.

For dogs of similar training level and handler ability. Group training can highlight problems that may not be apparent under normal conditions, allowing us to keep control and focus during distractions. This prepares dogs for work in the field and everyday life.
Gundog groups work towards KC Working Gundog Certificate, and Security Dogs can opt for BIPDT Assessments.

For dogs and handlers of a practical training level, simulating a day on a shoot, apprehending a criminal or missing person, or mustering sheep and cattle. Real preparation for the jobs we train to do,  a fun day where all your hard work will come together.

Bring your tent or caravan and enjoy a weekend in Cheshire! Whether it’s protection, shooting or sheep dogs, join a small group of like minded people for intensive training, practical experience, a session with a guest instructor and relaxed social evenings. Special requests, camping gear and club/group weekends available.

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