Working Dogs

Working Dogs

Our basic training system, the PDO Courses, lay the way for workimg dogs to specialise in different disciplines.

We have group training for Gundogs, security and personal protection dogs, advanced obedience and working trials exercises.


We run separate classes for spaniels and retrievers at novice /working level.

When we have a suitable number of young dogs ready to progress from PDO training we then introduce a new beginner Gundog Group.

Security and Protection Dogs

Whether for General Purpose, Personal Protection, IPO  or Security Trials, we offer obedience and Protection training for suitable breeds and suitable owners.

We are proud to work with John Padden from Premier K9 as our manwork decoy and instructor. John has competed to IPO 3 and is an A Grade Helper, as well as working in K9 Close Protection.

Mike has competed in National competitions, attended KNPV seminars and trained many dogs for personal and private security roles.

We started training dogs together many years ago, remained friends but our paths took us in different directions. We are delighted to put our experiences and knowledge in different fields of training together, in order to cover all aspects of sport, trial and security training.

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Advanced Obedience and Working Trials

With Emma competing in Working Trials,  we are able to combine obedience, agility and scentwork training to cover all aspects of this discipline.

Mike’s advanced obedience groups, whether looking to compete or not, always enjoy the variation and amount of training exercises that this type of training allows… There is never a boring session or time for dogs to lose motivation!

Whether you want a dog for serious work or competition,  or you have a pet dog that needs extra stimulation,  we can put our knowledge and experience of lots of disciplines of training (including sheepdogs!) to good use and find the right one for you!