When people think of dog trainers they picture choke chains, military style commands and formidable instructors such as the late Miss Woodhouse. These are how things used to be, today’s trainers tend to be more prone to using bags of treats, training gimmicks and non contact techniques.
My techniques use respect, understanding and clear instruction to teach the dog what we expect from it.
The majority of today’s “New School” trainers lack a very important ingredient… The ability to read dogs. This isn’t something you achieve on a course or get with your accreditation¬†to The Kennel Club, and being told HOW to do it by no means guarantees you CAN do it! The real dog men and women are naturally respected by dogs and can tell how a dog is feeling and how it will react without consulting Google!
By having these skills, a good trainer can quickly assess the most effective way to strengthen the bond between handler and dog, giving the dog the confidence to follow the handler’s commands.
There are few greater pleasures than to watch a dog working with it’s handler because it wants to please them, and seeing a handler that reciprocates that mutual love and respect.

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Each dog and handler has an assessment where we discuss any problems and have a look at your current training level. This enables us to make the correct plan and give you a few pointers to start your training.


1-1 training is the most conducive to learning for both dogs and owners, whether you have a behaviour problem or a working dog we can quickly progress you with intensive lessons.
All dogs are required to train 1-1 before being invited to join a class, this ensures we know each dogs training level and have tested them around other dogs using our excellent stooge dogs. We pride ourselves in the quality of our training and classes are no exception to this, and when run correctly they are an invaluable progression for every dog and owner.
We hold classes in;
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience (Working towards KC Good Citizens Scheme)
  • Novice and Advanced Gundogs (Working towards KC Working Gundog Certificate)
  • Protection and Security dogs(BIPDT level 1 Assessments)
  • Fun Agility
  • Trick Training
  • KC Rally (with level 1 assessment)
Please contact us for a timetable.