The Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Classes and Courses


The GCDS is a nationwide, Kennel Club recognised course promoting well trained dogs and responsible dog ownership in the UK. The course is progressive and covers a range of training exercises which are relevant to everyday situations for the everyday dog owner. The GCDS is a great foundation for continuing in to more advanced training disciplines including working trials, gun-dog and agility training or just for fun.

Courses are progressive, meaning you must have completed the previous award level to continue on to the next course. The Bronze class is a great starting point and many clients enjoy joining our bronze award level after completing one to one sessions which address issues such as reactivity to other dogs and recall problems. One to ones are available throughout the course to assist in any issues you may encounter. Children are welcome to take part in training classes.

A brief introduction to each award level is summarised below and all levels incorporate a responsible dog ownership exercise, highlighting the importance of dog health, welfare and the legal responsibilities of the UK dog owner.

Puppy Foundation Course (6 week) – Internally Assessed

The Puppy course mainly addresses canine learning theory and how to teach our dogs ‘desirable behaviours’ and how to avoid those behaviours considered inappropriate. The Puppy course looks at the scientific method of training your pup rather than those based on popular culture and TV programmes. The most important exercises within this course are those concerned with correct primary and secondary socialisation, ensuring a confident and well mannered dog in a variety of situations and includes monitored exposure to other dogs, people and livestock.

Bronze Award (6 week) – Externally Assessed Week 7

The Bronze Award course includes more complex exercises including lead work and distraction training as well as grooming and correct health check procedures. You do not need to have completed the Puppy Foundation to join our Bronze award however your suitability must be assessed by one of our trainers to ensure your training level is appropriate.

Silver Award (6 week) – Externally Assessed Week 7

The Silver Award is to be attempted after successful completion of the Bronze Award and further expands on your dogs training level. The Silver course includes a two minute stay, road walking and introducing focused lead work and play.

Gold Award (6 week) – Externally Assessed Week 7

The Gold Award is to be attempted after successful completion of the Silver Award. The Gold is the final award level and during this course you will teach your dog complex behaviours such as a stop on command and send away.