Andy Wall Snr, builder and member of a small syndicate shoot.

I came to Mike through a neighbour who beats with him on a local shoot. I had a two year old spaniel who was totally deaf to anything I asked her to do and would literally run off given half a chance, and even disappeared from the garden! This was especially dangerous as she had no awareness of roads when she ran off.
I wanted to work her on my shoot but there was no chance until she could be controlled. Mike understood the problems right away and with a combination of behavioural and physical training we managed to turn Sadie from a straight running lunatic into a controllable hunting dog, the highlight being our first day on the shoot accompanied by Mike and watching Sadie working nicely.         Andy

Aled Owen, twice World Sheepdog Champion, represented Wales 25 times Internationally.

For the past couple of years Mike has been starting young dogs with basic training for me, and working on dogs that need extra control. A well bred

working sheepdog has very high drive and excitement levels, and I need Aled someone to instill calm and control into these dogs so I can channel that drive and make them into trial winners! Some of the dogs Mike has started have already won Open Trials, and others have been sold as efficient and controllable herding dogs.

I regularly recommend Mike as a dependable and effective trainer to competition and pet homes for fixing problems in dogs.

Sandra and Fozz

What a fantastic dog trainer! I turned up with a dog that was out of control, I couldn’t walk him without being dragged along and he had become aggressive with other dogs. I was given clear, honest instructions on what to do.

sandra and fozz

Mike is approachable and informative and has all the tips on how to care for your faithful friend, he is so committed to what he does and it certainly shows. He helped turn my Fozz around in no time at all, and now I have an obedient, friendly and still fun Labrador!


Dr Donna Strachan MSc (Chiro)

Mike is one of those people who you immediately realise he knows what he is talking about, Chester’s very own Dog Whisperer!
Mike gets straight to the problem and doesn’t mess about, when you listen and do your homework then the results are amazing! I have recommended Mike to many people and none of them have been disappointed, if you want results then go to Mike!