We have built a solid reputation for fixing the problems that other trainers couldn’t, especially when it comes to Reactivity issues – aggression, over excitement, nervousness and frustration. We have a solid, tried and tested system that has rehabilitated HUNDREDS of dogs, and kept many from being re-homed or even destroyed. We don’t use harsh aversives such as prong or electric collars as so many trainers do, but neither do we hope that a piece of cheese or a hotdog sausage will override a dogs need to react.

Reactivity issues make life with a dog very difficult and not enjoyable. We have met people who only take their dog out in the dark so to avoid seeing other dogs, and far too many owners who don’t take the dog out at all – thinking that exercise in the garden is enough. Our course will make huge improvements in even the worst of dogs, with most being able to fulfil a “normal” life after only 8 weeks training.

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