Practical Dog Ownership courses

Practical Dog Ownership Courses

We are proud to have designed and developed the PDO Courses that are offered both as a class and for 1-1 training.

From Level 1 Intro for pups under 6 months old,  right up to Level 6 Sport and Competition dogs, the system has been designed to cover all aspects of responsible dog ownership and practical dog training. Each level progresses to include more advanced exercises,  higher levels of distraction, and better handler control, as well as covering health, nutrition and fitness in Working dogs. We incorporate play training into all our levels, as we see it as a most important part of your enjoyment and control.

Management and development of pups is also covered via information sheets and class discussions.

Group classes are run in a course of 8 weekly sessions, although most dogs will not be ready for assessment after just 8 weeks. It is very important to us that our courses are not just a “tick the box exercise “, the training is designed to give you lifelong control and enjoyment from your dog and when you have passed a level you will have a dependable dog in the relevant areas.

For those working in private lessons, we all have our own “stooge” dogs that can be used for exercises where distractions or a group are needed.

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