When I was young I spent every hour I could with horses, dogs and rooting around in the countryside, I recognised people by their dog’s name and not there own! Not much has changed!

I don’t beat about the bush when it comes to training dogs, I like to get the job done thoroughly and effectively, and will tell you straight… Sugar coating comes at an extra charge!

I work my spaniels and labrador on several shoots, beating and picking up, and have German and Belgian Shepherds for security and sports training. In August 2013 I qualified as a Graduate of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, specializing in Field Trials and Pet Dog Training. There are very few who pass this level of assessment, let alone at the first attempt, which is testament to my wide range of knowledge and experience. I am currently finishing a diploma in Canine Training Theory and Behaviour, and am also qualified in instructional techniques, canine first aid and am writing an investigation into the use of dogs in locating water sources.

I was placed overall 3rd at the 2015 UK Patrol and Protection Dog Association trial, the toughest test of security dogs in the country. The tests covered obedience and control, agility and four rounds of protection scenarios. I scored 73% obedience, 89% agility and 87.5% protection. Once again showing that we are right up there with the best!
In conjunction with our gundog training I also run a private shoot in North Wales, where our hard working customers get to practice what I preach!
Mike is a regular guest lecturer at Glyndwr University and Reaseheath College, where he uses both the classroom and the training field to help educate students on animal behaviour and learning and the roles of Gamekeepers dogs.

EMMA GOODWIN (BSc. Honours, Animal Studies)

  • BSc (Hons) first class in animal science
  • PGCE – Teaching qualification
  • Over 100 hours teaching Animal Learning and Training at Glyndwr University
  • Diploma in canine behaviour and psychology
  • Certificates recognising achievements in Animal Welfare and Animal Behaviour
  • Canine First Aid
  • Mother, Role Model and all round good cop at CCS
  • Working towards : KCAI (GCDS, CD) and Diploma in Canine Nutrition
  • Hoping to complete MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour (September 2017).
  • Competing Rizzo in working trials (hoping to qualify CDex this year)