Our training ground is in the picturesque village of Christleton near Chester.

The ground is privately owned so there are no wayward or aggressive dogs roaming around as can happen if training sessions are held in public spaces

The main training area is over 1000sq.m of grass,  well fenced and has the distraction of free range pigs, sheep, horses and Cheesy the cat who enjoys meeting dogs and watching training sessions! We also have a 250sq.m artificial grassed  area for when the ground is very wet, evening training or specific positional work.

Groups can watch others perform from the Bull Pen,  which is a stoned section with a small roofed viewing area where the brew making facilities are!

We have stoned and grassed designated  parking areas alongside the training ground, and a portaloo for anyone who gets caught short.

For working dogs we have access to 30acres of mixed ground, be it for tracking, Gundogs or even sheepdog training.

The kettle is usually on a simmer, especially if the British weather is playing up!

As we train outdoors, suitable clothing and preparations need to be used on bad days. Christleton has its own microclimate so don’t be surprised if you are sat at home in torrential rain and we tell you that the sun is shining over the training ground! If the weather is detrimental to health or learning then We will of course postpone training. However,  we do often use the phrase “Have a dog, get wet!” meaning that a spot of rain is not an acceptable excuse for not taking the dog out.