Companion Dogs & Behaviour Problems

We have gained a reputation for fixing dogs when a lot of time, money and effort has been wasted with other trainers.
Many companion dogs live a far too sedentary life which lacks the stimulation a dog needs.
The visible signs of this could be a lack of vigour, a general look of boredom or oppositely over excitedness. Other behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, dog aggression, excited anxiety and the general lack of respect for owners can be attributed to not having a stimulating routine in daily life.
By training a dog to do a job, we are giving it boundaries, setting it challenges and allowing it to use it’s natural instincts to gain rewards, resulting in a mentally and physically stimulated animal that has worked WITH it’s owner and is far less likely to show serious behavioural problems.

You do not need to have an interest in shooting, but if you have bought a Labrador then you should use the tools that they were bred to have! There is a job for every breed of dog, the skill is judging what to try! Dog’s with more serious behavioral issues will require a full assessment in the home before training and remapping can begin.

Is your dog as perfectly behaved as this one??

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