“Cheshire Canine Services” provide THE best Dog Training in Chester, Cheshire, North Wales and the North West of England


“I regularly recommend Mike as a dependable and effective dog trainer” – Aled Owen, 2x World Sheepdog Champion

“He helped me turn Fozz around in no time at all!” Sandra and Fozzy

“Mike recognised the problem straight away!” Andy Wall Snr

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Learn how to handle your dog properly and mould them into a companion or working dog to be proud of.

Whether you require a highly trained security dog or a well mannered family member, the basic principles are the same: Simplicity, repetition and reward. Combine these principles with a knowledge and understanding of canine behaviour and you are well on the road to having your ideal dog.


Why use Cheshire Canine Services?

With private, secure training grounds we can cater for all training needs. Clear instruction and interesting lessons to keep you and your dog in the zone!


Humane, safe and effective training that gets results…

Not happy with your training class? We get lots of “defectors” from other trainers and they are all surprised at how easy it actually is to train your dog!
Individualised lesson plans, homework and pointers sent to you after each lesson so you can build your own training blog and keep things fresh in your mind.

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